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Glam And Glits

Glam And Glits - BACK TO BASICS EMA Liquid Monomer (16oz)

Glam And Glits - BACK TO BASICS EMA Liquid Monomer (16oz)

Giá thông thường $36.00 CAD
Giá thông thường $37.99 CAD Giá ưu đãi $36.00 CAD
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The perfect set begins and ends with our expertly crafted liquid EMA monomer specially formulated to work with the entire Glam and Glits acrylic collection. 

Product Type: MONOMER


The key to a flawless set is in the basics! Introducing the Glam and Glits 'Back to Basics’ Collection! Ensure flawless consistency and quality throughout every set with a variety of pink, white and clear acrylic powders, specially designed to work with the exclusive Glam and Glits EMA Liquid Monomer for superior adhesion and long-lasting flawless sets.

Size: 16 fl oz

Made in the USA

PLEASE NOTE: We strive to make our digital color swatches as accurate as possible to the actual product color but due to different monitor settings and electronic devices, colors may differ slightly.

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