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Carbide Bit - Cuticle & Underneath Silver Conical Shape (3/32") [#C5010328]

Carbide Bit - Cuticle & Underneath Silver Conical Shape (3/32") [#C5010328]

Giá thông thường $20.00 CAD
Giá thông thường $20.00 CAD Giá ưu đãi $20.00 CAD
Giảm giá Đã bán hết
  • This thinner carbide bit has been created for cleaning any acrylic or gel product from underneath the nail plate.
  • When performing this service take care not to damage the hyponychium (the skin tissue that seals the nail plate to the nail bed).
  • Cross-cut bits offer diagonal blades with cuts perpendicular to the axis of the bur. This unique design provides a rapid, precise and easy cut of acrylic product. Less force is required to achieve the same cutting rate of other carbide bits and there is less chatter and hence smoother cutting. This will result in significant time and cost savings.
  • These bits have a 3/32″ stem that fits most standard professional electric nail files.

*Please note that these bits are professional tools used for artificial nails and are not to be used on the the natural nail bed.

Product Specification

-Weight: 10g

-Color: Silver

After Care

Follow these steps to clean and sanitize your drill bits:

· Step #1
Clean your carbide bits to remove dust from the surface by washing with a small cleaning brush, alcohol and warm water.

· Step #2
Soak your drill bits in liquid disinfectant for the time marked on the label to disinfect them. 

· Step #3

Be sure not to leave your bits soaking for too long as this could start to erode and remove the beautiful coating on your drill bits!

· Step #4
Dry your drill bits completely and store away. 

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